1. Kirin Dosha
  2. Nightcrush
  3. Lai delle Nubi
    Rome, Italy
  4. Varices
    Norrköping, Sweden
  5. Angellore
  6. The Black Garden Circus
    Campania, Italy
  7. The Kompressor Experiment
    Sion, Switzerland
  8. Scaphoid
    Austin, Texas
  9. Rocket Miner
    Chicago, Illinois
  10. Before And After Science
  11. A World of Silence
    Florence, Italy
  12. Nights! Nights!
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  13. Mouth of Ghosts
    London, UK
  14. Devation
    Gothenburg, Sweden


Shunu Records Florence, Italy

We're a young rock label from Europe.
We always listen for new talents out there, quality and innovation in music: we’re ready to offer our fans only the most groundbreaking artists in the European rock scene.

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